Best Short Motivational Stories with Moral 2023

Short Motivational Stories with Moral

We share the Best Short Motivational Stories with Moral for you! These stories are very useful for you. Short Motivational Stories with Moral also beneficial for your kids.

A long time ago, a child named Rodney resided in a village. His family made him very happy. His joy, however, was short-lived. A terrible drought affected the communities where Rodney lived.

They waited impatiently for rain, but to no avail. The land, trees, and all the crops all dried up. The cattle began to perish. The creek was progressively drying up because there was no rain.

“Friends, we all have heard tales from our grandparents about an underground river flowing through our village,” Rodney stated one evening during a meeting with the locals. Why don’t we investigate? The folks nodded in agreement and dug.

They dug for a few days before giving up. Rodney, though, carried on excavating. People advised him to give up, but he responded, “God is helping and guiding my way.”

One day, Rodney discovered water once he had dug far enough. His refusal to give up saved the entire hamlet. All the locals were counseled by Rodney not to give up so readily. They never run out of water now. Every time an issue arose, the entire town would come together to find a solution.

Another Best Short Motivational Stories with Moral

A boy and a girl were playing together. The young man possessed a marble collection. The girl was carrying some candy. The kid promised the girl that in exchange for her candy, he would give her all of his marbles. She concurred.

The boy gave the girl the remaining marbles while setting aside the largest and most attractive one. As she had promised, the girl gave him all of her candies.

The girl had a sound sleep that night. However, the youngster was unable to sleep because he couldn’t stop wondering if the girl had kept some candy from him like he had done with his favourite marble.

Moral of the story:

If you don’t offer your all in a relationship, you’ll always question whether the other person has given their all as well. This holds true for all kinds of relationships, including those based on love, friendship, and employment.

Give your hundred percent to everything you do and sleep peacefully.

The Dog and the Donkey

There lived a washerman in some city. He had a dog and a donkey as pets. The dog kept an eye on his residence the whole day. The washerman used a donkey to carry his load to and from the river bank.

The washerman was completely asleep one night when a thief broke into the home. The dog was also sound slumber. He did not bark at the robber as a result.

The donkey, though, was awake. When he noticed the thief, he considered waking up his master. He then started to bray loudly.

The thief got scared and ran away. The washerman was not able to sleep because of the donkey’s snoring. He came out and wondered why the child was screaming.

He started hitting the donkey with a stick to stop it. However, the washerman’s house was saved.

The Lion and the MouseShort Motivational Stories with Moral

There once was a lion that lived in a jungle. One day following a large supper. It was dozing off beneath a tree. After some while, a mouse appeared and began to tease the lion.

The lion abruptly stood up in rage, searching for those responsible for disturbing its peaceful sleep. Then it noticed a tiny mouse standing there quivering in terror.

The lion charged at it and began to devour it. The mouse begged the lion’s pardon. The lion turned away out of sympathy. The mouse scurried off.

The lion was captured in a net by a hunter on a different day. The mouse arrived and slashed the net. So it got away. The mouse and the lion afterwards became pals. After that, they were content to dwell in the forest.

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